bistream Venture Summit 2015

Thanks for making the inaugural Bistream Venture Summit a success!

On Tuesday, 26 May 2015, Bistream held it's inaugural Bistream Venture Summit at ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi. Our aim was to start the conversation between European startups and Asian markets, in hopes of forging new ways to bridge the two ecosystems. We'd say that conversation was definitely cracked open this week.


A special thanks to all of our speakers who graciously volunteered their time to share their experience and passion with us:

  • Patrick Martin (DHL), Donald Soo (Mission 500),  Sophie Willborn (Headwave), Florian Plenge (Skoove, Co-Founder & CEO /ex Native Instruments), Mike LaVigne (Clue, Co-Founder), Kalie Moore (Carmudi), Mikko Alasaarela (Inbot), Julia Krüger (JETRO), Dr .Wing-hin Chung (InvestHK), Hessam Lavi (Jobspotting), Jan Miczaika (Wooga), Vini (Soundbrenner), Jeff Katz (, Martti Mela (lifelife), Takeshi Nakano (bistream), Mutsumi, Ichihara (bistream), Darja Gutnick (dgc), Miho Tanaka (Airmarkr), Hermann Gumpp (Gumpp & Partners), Toby Huang (Headwave), Lutz Villalba (Maker Cloud), Antti Sonninen (Slush Asia/beatrobo) Björn Eichstädt (Storymaker), Katsuya Hirokawa (Keio SFC), Gen Sadakane (EyeEm), Ryotaro Chikushi (Moretrax), Boris Milkowski (Goodpatch), Norman Hafezi (


A big praise to our energetic and relentless moderator, Gianfranco Chico (Taiken Lab), who converted our vision into words.


And of course, our sponsors and partners who made this event possible:

  • Sponsors: Recruit Technologies, Berlin-Tokyo Project, JETRO, InvestHK
  • Partners: Storymakers,, Deutsch-Japanischer Wirtschaftskreis, Asia-Pacific Weeks Berlin, AdInnovation, ASBC, dgc Consulting, Blue Ribbon partners



Congratulations to our winners of the Startup Pitch Competition!

GRAND PRIZE: Club Globals

  • 1 round-trip ticket Berlin-Tokyo to attend an ecosystem event catered to Globals, chosen by Antti Sonninen (Slush Asia)


  • roundtrip airfare Berlin-Helsinki for participation at Slush in November


  • 2 weeks of natural scent of choice + diffuser equipment from @aroma

And thanks to all participating startups who delivered great pitches as well!

  • Sunride
  • mimi
  • Inbot
  • Canary
  • coModule
  • Heurolabs
  • Viorama
  • Qrates
  • lifelife
  • DocShop
  • Basslet
  • Skoove
  • Soundbrenner
  • Wings University
  • AdaptivPlan