Secure Asian Talents in Germany. 

Connect to Asian Business Partners via people.


bistream TALENTS                                                          

German startupS & corporates

x Asian talents


Drive growth in Germany through Asian Talents. 

They are high-skill professionals coming from a structured environment.

Or student early talents you can build an early relationship with for your future  business in Asia.


bistream TALENTS I.

bistream provides startups in Germany professional operational services rendered by in-house talents directly sourced from Japan (soon to be expanded to other Asian corporate talents).

These services could include: fronted/backend development, design, online marketing, SEO, business development with Japan or Asia-Pacific partners, translations from and into Japanese.


bistream TALENTS II.

bistream further brings student interns from Asia to perform voluntary services at startups in Germany - from several weeks to up to one year. For German startups or mature companies to reach East Asia, it all starts with relationship building. These volunteers, capable of both English and at least one local Asian language, can develop into the indispensable human link to your future local partners in Asia. 

bistream CONSULT                                                           German companies x Japanese startups


A new generation of Japanese startups is on the rise  -  they often surprise through their unconventional ideas and compact, intelligent technologies. One particular strength of these startups is their geographical and cultural closeness to the rapidly growing neighboring markets in the Asia-Pacific region.  The Japanese market - although still big - is not a growth market anymore, but the surrounding ones are. This is why the Japanese startups are targeting the neighboring markets from the outset. These markets cannot be understood and penetrated by a Europe-centric perspective of tastes, needs and trends. Bistream serves as consulting partner to German companies and organizations that are looking for collaborations, partnerships, investments and M&A scenarios in Japan to use Japanese startups as a gateway to expanding their businesses in the Asia-Pacific markets.

bistream TOURS   

Tours for investors, accelerators, corporates, universities through Japan

Together with our partners in Japan and Germany, bistream designs and organizes delegation tours for private, corporate or academic clients to explore Japan and meet their Japanese counterparts for an engaging dialogue.  

bistream VENTURE SUMMIT    

European startups x investors from East Asia


We bring European startups and investors from East Asia together in a unique speed-dating format at our Bistream Venture Summit events in Berlin.


Bistream was invited to speak at the 30th anniversary event of the Japanese-German business forum (DJW) - and pointed out the need for internationalization of startups in Japan. 

And there was a nice encounter with the makers of Jimdo, whose technology is enabling this website. Thank you Jimdo!

(Center: Eila Lifflander, Head of International at Jimdo)