BISTREAM TALENTS                                                          European startups x Japan talents

bistream provides startups in Germany professional operational services performed by corporate and university talents from Japan and Asia.

We know how Asian talents can contribute in the German startup arena - and we also know how  Japanese&Asian corporates and universities can innovate through internationalization of their talents. 

The services we deliver covers such divers areas as fronted/backend development, design, online marketing and business development with Japanese or Asia-Pacific partners.


How does this work?

bistream offers a 2-weeks to 6-months (and up to one year) in-residence internationalization program to Asian students, freelancers and corporate employees, who have the potential to grow professionally in a more flat-hierarchy, fast and flexibly structured international environment  - which is a startup.


The corporate employee program

Corporate employees come from a very structured environment typical of Japan and the startups can benefit from their skills. They have in-depth know-how in their respective specialized area accrued over many working years at Japanese corporations. During the program period at bistream Talents, their employment status in Japan will be suspended so they can be employed by bistream. With unique experiences accumulated in Germany, and enhanced global communication power, they return to their original employer in Japan and return the company's investment in them. Startup partners therefore don't have to worry about any visa or employment issues for theses trainees, as they are trainees at bistream. bistream is responsible for any permits and the training program itself. Please note bistream is not a staffing company. 


bistream further brings student interns from Asia to perform internships at startups in Germany - from 2 weeks to up to one year. These are aspiring students interested in startups and in enhancing their international experience. Startups will be asked to give them meaningful tasks for their individual growths. Especially startups that are looking for Asian markets can benefit from these students who bring local language proficiency and cultural knowledge. Some students bring also other specialized skills. Based on a bilateral agreement between Japan and Germany, Japanese nationals of age 18-30 may stay in Germany for up to one year with the so-called "working-holiday" visa. 

BISTREAM CONSULT                                                           German corporates x Japanese startups

We provide consulting services to German companies that want to invest in or partner with Japanese startups in order to expand their operations and businesses in the Asia-Pacific markets - with Tokyo as their gateway.

BISTREAM VENTURE SUMMIT                                                           European startups x investors from East Asia

We bring European startups and investors from East Asia together in a unique speed-dating format at our Bistream Venture Summit events in Berlin.